Bass Fishing Technique – Intro

Fishing for Guadalupe bass in Texas is another best bass fishing technique for local anglers to try. Look for the Guadalupe bass in every single state of this glorious nation besides Texas and the cooler will remain empty, for a long time. This is not because the fisherman cannot entice the beautiful bass to bite, the reason is that this relative of the smallmouth bass is found only in the great state of Texas. They say that everything grows big in Texas and that is usually the case when it is in reference to Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys, not the diminutive Guadalupe. This Texas Trout as they are affectionately referred to in Texas, barely grow over 14 inches and weigh in at a light three pounds for a whopper.

The anglers who hunt for these feisty and high-flying fish normally do so in one sector of Texas. Austin, the state capital of Texas, is where they find the acrobatic Guadalupe Bass. The fish prefer the gentle rolling streams of the areas hill country and cannot be found anywhere else. This makes the fish the state representative for all the great game fish that are found in Texas. Quite an honor that is bestowed on a fish that got its start as a hybrid of sorts when the Department of Natural Resources in Texas attempted to cross a smallmouth with other species of non-native fish. The results were not so good and one of the resulting creations was the magnificent Guadalupe Bass. Usually a cross hybridization that goes awry is a bad thing, with the offspring either eating the natives or eating the food the natives depend on. This is not the case. This story has a happy ending and luckily for the residents who fish for these wonders of the state, the fish decided to stay close to home. Ever been to the central Texas hill country? Cannot say we blame them for staying put. The landscape is beautiful and clean.

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