Fly Fishing Basics – Intro

Fly fishing (or angling) can be a wonderful way to spend a relaxing weekend with friends or loved ones. The solice of the water, the beautiful scenery, and the great taste of the day’s catch. In fact, some of the most beautifully preserved landscapes in North America are great places to angle. Whether you must travel for miles to find the perfect spot, or simply walk out your back door, knowing the basics of the sport is an ideal way to begin a long, rewarding career in fly fishing.

When preparing for a fly fishing expedition, it is essential to remember and follow the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. It may sound like an orientation lecture from your first employer, but this is the standard for having a successful adventure. First things first. Do you have the proper equipment? If you do not, your first experience with fly fishing will be frustrating and less than enjoyable. Additional things to consider and plan for include: the weather. Can you expect rain or any anything else that would deter fish from biting? The water current. In which direction are the fish heading? Is the current too rough for fish to see the lure and have the opportunity to bite? The type of fish. What am I hoping to catch today? Do I have the proper lures and equipment for that fish?

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