Lake Trout Fishing Bait

In Big Bear Lake, CA, we definitely have the 4 seasons. Winter especially needs special attention to your bait because the water is so cold. Unless you prepare, your bait will freeze and not float, then sink to the bottom. Also the Trout will have a hard time biting your bait even on a #18 treble hook. Winter conditions are when the water is at or below freezing.

The fishing is beyond belief the colder the water gets.

It’s almost like fishing in a barrel. I have fun catching and sliding the fish on the ice. In the Spring I dance the fish on the top of the lake so our local Bald Eagles will dive to get the easy treat. I have to just break the line to release.

Now back to what you should do for cold or freezing water. Yes the fish are less sensitive when the temp is cold. So you can use even a #14 treble. You can even use the same pound test line of your pole for a leader at this point. Barely bend out the prongs of the treble to show outside your bait.

Just as all year, Rainbow Glitter PowerBait is best to use. So it won’t freeze, I mix it with Zekes white trout bait and it is soft enough for the trout and not to freeze. Just when the water gets above 32 degrees, then revert to #18 treble and 3lb test.

Also the new Snap’r hook setter has been working incredible up here in this lake. This makes it too easy. I never miss my limit now. You can read about it on my fishing page in Bear Valley News, fishing report.

The bite for Winter is on now until late October when the water of the lake turns over.

If you have any questions about trout fishing, I’m only an e-mail away.

Big Bear Dave


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