Lake Trout Ice Fishing – Intro

Lake Simcoe, the 4th largest lake in the province is located right down in the southern region of the Ontario, Canadian province; with huge water area of over 725 square km. Lake Simcoe ice fishing is one of the best in that area which has opportunities for individuals of ever level of age and experience. This lake is ninety miles away from Toronto and it is an easy drive. There are many winter lodges, accommodations and hotels in and around the lake. Since this ice fishing is popular hobby in winter, this lake is home to other winter sports like snowmobile riding and racing, winter hiking, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, etc. Many other local games are also played.

Ice fishing in Lake Simcoe includes pike, whitefish, trout, walleye and ling. The various varieties of fish in this lake are identified with ease by their distinguished features. The following strategies and tips will help and assist those who are keenly interested in ice fishing in Lake Simcoe.

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