Tips For The Best Trout Fishing Bait

When it comes to fishing for trout it seems that our choices of trout bait is almost endless. In this article we’re going to cut through the BS to find the best trout baits and some tips for using them. All of the tips in this article have been tested and proven through more than 50 years of combined trout fishing experience.

Trout bait comes in two basic varieties; live and synthetic. Live bait includes worms, minnows, leeches, etc. Synthetic bait includes Power Bait, salmon eggs, Berkley Gulp products, etc. Below I will outline the most popular and effective of these two categories of trout bait. You can then experiment and find your favorite bait.

There is one last thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best bait for these fish, which is the kind of trout you’re fishing for. There are two basic varieties; stocked and native. A stocked trout is a trout that has been planted in the water by your states fish and game department and native trout are fish that were born in the water that you’re fishing. Actually a stocked trout can become a “native” trout after living in a body of water for an extended period of time (say 2 or more years).

The point to knowing which type of trout you’re fishing for, native or stocked, is that catching them is altogether different. Stocked fish eat trout bait such as cheese, Powerbait, and corn, whereas native fish won’t bite such things. Native trout tend to bite live trout baits or synthetic trout baits that look and smell like live bait (such as Berkley Gulp products). All of that being said, let’s discuss the most effective trout bait and tips for using each.
Synthetic Trout Bait – These trout baits include any of the numerous trout baits that are sold in little jars and molded onto hooks. The most popular f these trout baits is Power Bait. This trout bait is reserved for stocked trout and is quite effective. The best way to rig this trout bait is on a bottom rig that allows it to float off of the bottom. A single small treble hook or a set of pre tied gang hooks are the most effective way to rig synthetic trout bait.

Small Spinners and Spoons – These trout baits are effective for both native and stocked trout. The key with this type of trout bait is to keep them small. For the most part no spinner or spoon larger than ¼ ounce should be employed for trout fishing. Keep these trout baits ¼ and smaller and you will experience much more success. You would be surprised at the size of trout that can be caught using small spinners and spoons.

Live Trout Bait – This trout bait is the most effective for native trout, and actually works quite well for stocked trout as well. Minnows are very effective, but difficult to carry around. Crayfish are extremely effective for large trout, but again difficult to carry around and hard to find sometimes. The most readily available and effective trout bait has to be live worms. A live worm rigged on a set of Tied Gang Hooks is an extremely effective trout bait. Especially if your offering is allowed to flow naturally with the current of a small river or stream.

These tips will help you choose the best trout bait for your next trout fishing excursion. No matter which trout bait you choose, remember that nothing will help you catch more trout like spending time on the water honing your skills.

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