Trout Bait Lures – Intro

This article will focus on the best trout fishing lures and baits. I have fished for trout nearly all my life and got started by fishing in small streams and creeks in Pennsylvania. The water was clear and cold. The woods were strikingly beautiful. But you want to hear about the best lures and baits, don’t you?

First off, there are nightcrawlers and red worms, which are a smaller worm that are better for smaller trout. It is vital to hook these worms correctly, looping the hook through the body multiple times, or using a rig with two hooks. Worms don’t keep very well, so they may die somewhere throughout your fishing expedition. However, they are very reliable and steadfast, and you will pretty much always be able to catch trout on worms as long as the trout are there.

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