Trout Fishing Guide – Intro

In this article, I’m going to provide you with a quick trout fishing guide, in the hopes that these tips and techniques will help you to become a more successful angler. Trout fishing season is getting ready to begin in most part of the country, and these simple tips and techniques will help anyone catch more trout. Every tip contained in this trout fishing guide has been proven through more that fifty years of combined trout fishing experience.

The first thing that I want to cover in this trout fishing guide is your hands. Although this may sound strange, your hands are a very important factor in trout fishing. You see, trout have a very sensitive sense of smell and if there are any unnatural odors (such as smoke or gasoline for example) on your hands, these scents will transfer to your bait or lure. If trout detect any unnatural odors, they will tend not to bite (especially with larger and more experienced fish). The easy remedy for this problem is to rub some grass or dirt into your hands before baiting up. This eliminates any unnatural odors that might be on your hands.

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