Trout Fishing Live Bait – Intro

When it comes to trout fishing there is probably no more effective way to catch these fish than live bait. This is certainly how I feel, seeing as how I’ve been using live bait to catch trout for more than 25 years. In that time I’ve discovered many tips, some of which I will reveal in this article. After reading this quick article you’ll be much more effective when using live bait while trout fishing, there’s no doubt about it.

There are many some trout fisherman who think that waving feathers back and forth in the air is the only true way to catch a trout and I couldn’t disagree more. As a matter of fact I feel that when taken seriously, fishing for trout with live bait can be every bit the art form that waving feathers in the air has ever been proclaimed to be. The key to this argument is “taken seriously”.

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