Trout Fishing Strategy – Intro

When it comes to trout fishing strategies, the two that I’m going to outline in this article are as effective as any trout fishing strategy you will ever come across. I’ve personally been using both of these strategies for more than twenty five years with a great degree of success and know they will work for anyone. The first strategy if for use in pond and/or lake situations, and the second is for use in rivers and/or stream situations.

The first thing to keep in mind in regards to both of these trout fishing strategies is you. When I say you, I’m referring specifically to your hands, and more specifically the scents that are on your hands. When fishing for trout you want your hands to be free of any unnatural odors. The remedy for this problem is to grab a handful of grass of dirt before baiting up and rub it into your hands. This will effectively remove any unnatural odors that might be present.

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