Trout Fishing Technique

When it comes to trout fishing techniques one of the best techniques that you will find is pitching a casting bubble. So, what do I mean by “pitching a casting bubble”? In this article I will explain exactly what this trout fishing technique is and how learning it will help you catch more trout on your next trout fishing excursion.

This trout fishing technique begins with something called a casting bubble. A casting bubble is simply a small plastic bubble (similar in shape to a bobber) that is threaded onto your fishing line to add weight to your line so that a lightweight artificial fly can be cast and fished effectively. That’s right, by using a casting bubble; traditional spin fishermen can effectively cast and fish lightweight artificial flies. Once the casting bubble is on your fishing line a swivel is tied onto the end of your fishing line to act as a “stopper” for the bubble.

Now the bubble is submerged under the water while depressing the “stopper” on the bubble itself. By depressing the “stopper” water is allowed to enter the bubble, thus adding weight. Once the desired amount of water is added the stopper is pushed the opposite way to stop the water from entering (or leaving) the bubble. At this point a tapered leader is tied (or otherwise attached) to the opposite end of the swivel and an artificial fly of your choice is added to the end of the leader.

This is a casting bubble rig which you will now “pitch” to entice trout to bite. The casting bubble rig is now cast out and retrieved in a lake or other slow moving water situation where trout are present. A “stop and start” or “jerking” retrieve adds action to your artificial fly and adds to this exceptional trout fishing technique.

As I alluded to earlier, any type of artificial fly can be used effectively with the trout fishing technique. Both wet and dry flies can be used with a “bubble” such as this. If your want your fly to be on the surface of the water (dry fly), fill the bubble half way full of water. If your want to fish a sinking fly (wet fly), completely fill the bubble with water. With this trout fishing technique the amount of water that is added to the bubble itself is the most important factor.

Pitching a casting bubble is one of the only ways to fish with artificial flies without being a “fly fisherman”. Many anglers who spend time fishing for trout know how effective artificial flies are when used as bait for trout, but simply don’t want to go to the expense, both monetarily and in time, of learning to “fly fish”. Well, with a casting bubble, and specifically learning to fish a casting bubble this problem is solved once and for all.

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